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"We can tackle anything"

“We can tackle anything!” it says on the front of the programme in the video. What an excellent statement of confidence from women’s shinty. Shinty is an ancient Scottish sport - closely related to, but distinct from, Irish hurling. Last weekend I joined some old shinty playing pals in the Scottish highlands at the Women’s Cup Finals Day at Newtonmore and saw a display of courage, commitment and teamwork that any sport or business would be proud of. Congratulations to Skye, winners of the Mowi Valerie Fraser Camanachd Cup, and to Kinlochshiel, winners of the Mowi Challenge Cup.

When we talk of ‘social networks these days, we typically mean digital. But in shinty, there is also another, more personal, social network on display. At events such as Saturday’s cup finals, the importance of shinty to families and friends in communities across the highlands is evident. Over many years Mowi (Marine Harvest) have recognised this and done so much to support the game across Scotland. It was great to see my former colleagues from Mowi on Saturday as the main sponsor presenting trophies and with a firm endorsement in the programme: “Our name has changed. Our commitment to shinty has not”.

As in other sports, the women’s game has had to fight hard for attention and support. It has made great progress in recent years, yet despite this it could really do with some more help. If you can help in these tough times, please do. The Women’s Camanachd is on the lookout for companies to partner with. Remember, they can help you tackle anything.

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