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Forza Paterson's!

For anyone who was at the recent Anuga 2023 trade show in Cologne, there’s now a period of reflection and follow up . It’s such a huge, almost overwhelming, show. So many interesting things to see, with innovations in food production and food presentation on show, and lots of opportunity for trend spotting and discussions with enthusiastic professionals from all over the globe. In fact, I saw way too many interesting things to list here. There was one especially intriguing highlight for me though, given my long involvement in building the Paterson’s brand, and that was to see where the Fox’s Burton’s Companies team (now part of Ferrero Rocher) are taking the brand. The answer is into that most traditional of Scottish biscuits, the Digestive (invented in Edinburgh in 1892). And FBC are focusing it primarily on the Italian market. Áncora una volta: forza Paterson’s!

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